2018 Band Events


March 4th,   Rutherford St. Patrick‚Äôs Day 

Parade  1:00 start


March 10th,  Morristown, St. Patricks Day

Parade  12:00 start



March 11th ,  Bergenfield, St. Patricks Day

Parade 2:00 start



 March 17th,  Newton,  St. Patricks Day Parade

Moose Lodge party afterwards 11:30 start


March 24th, Ringwood 1:00 start 



 April 7th,  NYC Tartan Day Parade 2:00 start


May  , River Vale  Memorial Day Parade

 10:00 Start   

May , New Milford & Bergenfield Memorial

Day Parade  (Tommy Fox Lunch)


July 4, River Edge 4th of July Parade 11:00



September , NYC Labor Day Parade



December   , Tri County Christmas Party 




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